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Hi, I'm Chunning

Product Designer, UX Researcher, and Illustrator

Hello 👋🏼 I am a product designer from Taiwan based in Barcelona with a background in Innovation & Brand Management and Commercial Design. 


I love the process of observing users' needs and coming out with creative solutions from research basic. In addition, I am skilled in transforming complicated information into simple images, phraseology or layouts to solve users problems, make the product better and add brand value. My principle is to make things better, and my ideal design is usefulness, functionality and user-friendly to help people's lives better.  

I like to make things pretty, learn new things and know the technology world's trends. I also enjoyed exploring the difference between diverse cultures and industries. Welcome to get in touch if you'd like to share some ideas with me : )

“Technology has to make existing things better.”
—Ivan Poupyrev 2019 TED
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✨ My super power ✨  


I'm an active listener, I like to observe users' needs and learn things from their story


I’m skilled in transformed complicated information to simple design 


I make a creative solution for helping people's lives better from research basic


XR video platform

Visioning - Designing an immersive XR video platform MVP

Habit tracking App

Goal House - An app helps you kick a habit easier

E-learning App

Love Learning OnLive - An app helps you love learning online

PM platform

Personal Assistant Emily -

A platform helps you manage your projects efficiently

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